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  • Transient Days

    Transient Days             ——Zhu ziqing      If swallows go away, they will come back again. If willows wither, they will turn green again. If peach blossoms fade, they will flower again. But, tell me, you the wise, why should our days go by never to return? Perhaps they have been stolen by someone. But who could it be and where could he hide them? Perhaps they have just run away by themselves. But where could they be at the present moment?      I don’t know how many days I am entitled to altogether, but my quota of then is undoubtedly wearing away. Counting up silently, I find that more than 8000 days have already slipped away through my fingers. Like a drop of water falling off a needle point into the ocean, my days are quietly dripping into the stream of time without leaving a trace. At the thought of this, sweat oozes from my forehead and tears trickle down my cheeks.      What is gone is gone, what is to come keeps coming. How swift is the transition in between!   When I get up in the morning, the slanting sun casts two or three squarish patches of light into my small room. The sun has feet too, edging away softly and stealthily. And, without knowing it, I am already caught in its revolution. Thus the day flows away through the sink when I wash my hands; vanishes in the rice bowl when I have my meal; passes away quietly before the fixed gaze of my eyes when I am lost in reverie. Aware of its fleeting presence, I reach out for it only to find it brushing past my outstretched hands. In the evening, when I lie on my bed, it nimbly strides over my body and flits past my feet. By the time when I open my eyes to meet the sun again, another day is already gone. I heave a sigh, my head buried in my hands. But, in the midst of my sighs, a new day is flashing past.       Living in this world with its fleeting days and teeming millions, what can I do but waver and wander and live a transient life? What have I been doing during the 8000 fleeting days except wavering and wandering? The bygone days, like wisps of smoke, have been dispersed by gentle winds, and, like thin mists, have been evaporated by the rising sun. What traces have I left behind? No, nothing, not even gossamer-like traces. I have come to this world stark naked, and in the twinkling of an eye, I am to go back as stark naked as ever. However, I am taking it very much to heart: why should I be made to pass through this world for nothing at all?       O you the wise, would you tell me please: why should our days go by never to return?

  • A special letter

                                                 A special letter  Dear World:My son starts school today.It's going to be strange and new to him for a while, and I wish you would sort of treat him gently.You see, up to now, he's been king of the roost.He's been boss of the backyard.I have always been around to repair his wounds, and to soothe his feelings.But now--things are going to be different.This morning, he's going to walk down the front steps, wave his hand and start on his great adventure that will probably include wars and tragedy and sorrow.To live his life in the world he has to live in will require faith and love and courage.So, World, I wish you would sort of take him by his young hand and teach him the things he will have to know.Teach him - but gently, if you can.Teach him that for every scoundrel there is a hero; that for every crooked politician there is a dedicated leader; that for every enemy there is a friend.Teach him the wonders of books.Give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on the green hill.Teach him it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat.Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong.Teach him to sell his brawn and brains to the highest bidder, but never to put a price on his heart and soul.Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob...and to stand and fight if he thinks he's right.Teach him gently, World, but don't coddle him, because only the test of fire makes fine steel.This is a big order, World, but see what you can do.He's such a nice little fellow.

  • Dai Yu Buries Fallen Flowers

    花谢花飞花满天,红消香断有谁怜?  游丝软系飘春榭,落絮轻沾扑绣帘;  The blossoms fade and falling fill the air,  Of fragrance and bright hues bereft and bare.  Floss drifts and flutters round the Maiden`s bower,  Or softly strikes against her curtained door.  闺中女儿惜春暮,愁绪满怀无释处;  手把花锄出绣闺,忍踏落花来复去?  The Maid ,grieved by these signs of spring`s decease,  Seeking some means her sorrow to express,  Has rake in hand into the garden gone,  Before the fallen flowers are trampled on.  柳丝榆荚自芳菲,不管桃飘与李飞;  桃李明年能再发,明年闺中知有谁?  Elm-pods and willow-floss are fragrant too;  Why care,Maid,where the fallen flowers blew?  Next year ,when peach and plum-tree bloom again,  Which of your sweet companions will remain?  三月香巢已垒成,梁间燕子太无情!  明年花发虽可啄,却不道人去梁空巢也倾。  This spring the heartless swallow built his nest  Beneath the eaves of mud with flowers compressed.  Next year the flowers will blossom as before,  But swallow ,nest ,and Maid will be no more.  一年三百六十日,风刀霜剑严相逼;  明媚鲜妍能几时,一朝飘泊难寻觅。  Three hundred and three-score the year`s full tale:  From swords of frost and from the slaughtering gale  How can the lovely flowers long stay intact,  Or, once loosed,from their drifting fate draw back?  花开易见落难寻,阶前闷杀葬花人;  独倚花锄泪暗洒,洒上空枝见血痕。  Blooming so steadfast ,fallen so hard to find!  Beside the flowers`grave,with sorrowing mind,  The solitary Maid sheds many a tear,  Which on the boughs as bloody drops appear.  杜鹃无语正黄昏,荷锄归去掩重门;  青灯照壁人初睡,冷雨敲窗被未温。  At twilight ,when the cuckoo sings no more,  The Maiden with her rake goes in at door  And lays her down between the lamplit walls,  While a chill rain against the window falls.  为奴底事倍伤神,半为怜春半恼春:  怜春忽至恼忽去,至又无言去不闻。  I know not why my heart`s so strangely sad,  Half grieving for the spring and yet half glad:  Glad that it came ,grieved it so soon was spent.  So soft it came ,so silently it went!  昨宵庭外悲歌发,知是花魂与鸟魂?  花魂鸟魂总难留,鸟自无言花自羞;  Last night ,outside ,a mournful sound was heard:  The spirits of the flowers and of the bird.  But neither bird nor flowers would long delay,  Bird lacking speech,and flowers too shy to stay.  愿奴胁下生双翼,随花飞到天尽头。  天尽头,何处有香丘?  And then I wished that I had wings to fly  After the drifting flowers across the sky:  Across the sky to the world`s farthest end,  The flowers` last fragrant resting-place to find.  未若锦囊收艳骨,一抔净土掩风流;  质本洁来还洁去,强于污淖陷渠沟。  But better their remains in silk to lay  And bury underneath the wholesome clay,  Pure substances the pure earth to enrich,  Than leave to soak and stink in some foul ditch.  尔今死去侬收葬,未卜侬身何日丧?  侬今葬花人笑痴,他年葬侬知是谁?  Can I,that these flowers` obsequies attend,  Divine how soon or late my life will end?  Let others laugh flower-burial to see:  Another year who will be burying me?  试看春残花渐落,便是红颜老死时;  一朝春尽红颜老,花落人亡两不知!  As petals drop and spring begins to fail,  The bloom of youth,too,sickens and turns pale.  One day,when spring has gone and youth has fled.  The Maiden and the flowers will both be dead.

  • The Tesla Model S has gotten a kid-friendly makeover

    The Tesla Model S has gotten a kid-friendly makeover.Radio Flyer, which makes the famous little red wagons and tricycles, announced on its website that it will soon begin shipping mini Tesla Model S cars for kids for $499 each.Pre-orders are now open and the cars will ship in May.The one-seater cars were created in collaboration with Tesla (TSLA) and are for kids between the ages of three to eight. The cars come in three colors: red, blue and "midnight silver metallic." They boast special lithium ion batteries that are supposed to charge faster and last longer than any other battery-powered kiddy car."This baby Model S really is quite fun," tweeted Tesla's CEO Elon Musk.Related: This is why Elon Musk is having a lousy yearThe cars include working headlights, a "spacious interior" and a trunk in the front of the car. It can reach a top speed of six miles per hour.radio flyer models kidsBuyers also have the option to purchase premium batteries, special license plates and mini indoor car covers.For *****s, Tesla currently sells just two models: The Model S and the new Model X.The Tesla Model S starts around $75,000, though a federal tax credit brings the price down by about 10%.The company will also begin taking reservations and deposits for the Model 3 on March 31. This is Tesla's "cheaper" electric car that is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $35,000. Federal and state tax credits may knock $7,500 to $10,000 off the purchase price in the U.S.

  • Four wives in our lives

    In former days, there was a wealthy merchant, who owned billion acres of fertile land, a considerable sum of property, and multiple compounds (estates). He was the acknowledged leader at home and had four wives.He had the greatest affection on the fourth wife, who enjoyed the beautiful brows and face---a fairy in his eyes. To amuse her, the merchant gave her a life of luxury, bought her fashionable blouses and boots, and took her out to dine on delicious food. Each of their marriage anniversary, he would celebrate.He was also fond of his third wife very much. She was amateur poet with great literacy and dignity. To approve of her, he gave her prevailing poetry as a present, visited the museum with her to see the antiques and went to the concert to enjoy the music of great musicians and pianists. He was very proud of her and introduced her and showed her to his friends. Nevertheless, he was always in great fear that she might go elsewhere with some other guys.His second spouse too, won his preference. As a cashier, she was keen and capable and energetic in commercial issues. Wherever he faced critical problems, he always turned to his second wife. And she’d always attempted to help him cope with the problems such as ash collection or conflicts with clients. Hence, to thank his second wife, he went to excursion with her for entertainment every several years.His first wife was a very conservative and faithful partner. She was a woman of goodness and honesty. As a housewife, she made a great contribution to nourishing children and caring husband and doing homework. Accidentally, she appeared to be little clumsy and ignorant. Although the merchant had prejudice towards her, she maintained her patience to wait for him to come back to her. She was a woman of great breadth of mind.After many years, the merchant felt deadly ill of abusing alcohol. He knew it couldn’t cure. He was pale and stiff. When he reelected on his life-time, he couldn’t help yelling, “Now, I have four wives . But when I die I’ll be solitary. How lonely I will be!”Suffering from the sting of the body, he asked the fourth wife, “I have attached to you the most affection, and bought pretty clothes to you and spent every festival with you. Now I am dying, will you follow me?” “Pardon? I am not a self- sacrificing saint. No way!” The fourth wife who was sipping tea idly in her fur coat, defied himThe answer made the merchant fiercely disappointed on her conscience.Then he asked the third wife, “Do you remember our romantic experience? Now that I am dying, will you follow me?” the third wife glimpsed against him, “No” she denied. “I couldn’t bear the tedious life in hell. I deserve a better life. Consequently, it is of necessity that I marry other guys afterwards.” Then she was calculating the route of other millionaire’s home.The answer also hurt the merchant, and then he resorted to his second life. “You’ve always facilitated me out. Now I barely beg you once more. When I die, will you follow me?” “I am sorry” she frowned, claiming, “I can only attend your funeral ceremony” the answer came like a bolt of thunder and the merchant felt like being discarded. Then she was modifying the items of business contract.Then voice wept: “we are bound couple. I will go alongside wherever you go” the merchant awoke, stoking his wife’s coarse palm. She was so lean. Thinking of her fatigue year after year, he was greatly touched and said miserably. “I should have treasured you before!” she was doing the laundry for rim,Virtually, we all respectively have four wives in our lives. The fourth tender wife represents our body. Despite the fact we spend time making it look good, it will distract from us when we die. Our third wife is our possessions, remarkable fame or noble status. When we die, they all go to eternal collapse. The second wife is out family, friends, college and acquaintance. Regardless how code we have relied on them, when we are alive, what can do for us is coming to the funeral at the almost. The first wife in fact is our holy soul, which is often neglected in our pursuit of material and welt. It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go. We should cultivate it now, otherwise, we will possibly feel regret in the end.  

  • A Lady Named Lill

     A Lady Named Lill  Lillian was a young French Canadian girl who grew up in the farming community of River Canard, Ontario. At the age of 16, her father thought "Lill has had enough schooling,"and she was forced to drop out of school to contribute to the family income. In 1922, with English as her second language and limited education and skills, the future didn't look bright for Lill.  Her father, Eugene Bezaire, was a stern man who rarely took no for an answer and never accepted excuses. He demanded that Lill find a job. But her limitations left her with little confidence and low self-esteem, and she didn't know what work she could do.  With small hope of gaining employment, she would still ride the bus daily into the "big cities"of Windsor or Detroit. But she couldn't muster the courage to respond to a Help Wanted ad; she couldn't even bring herself to knock on a door. Each day she would just ride to the city, walk aimlessly about and at dusk return home. Her father would ask, "Any luck today, Lill?" "No ... no luck today, Dad,"she would respond meekly.  As the days passed, Lill continued to ride and her father continued to ask about her job-hunting. The questions became more demanding, and Lill knew she would soon have to knock on a door.  On one of her trips, Lill saw a sign at the Carhartt Overall Company in downtown Detroit. "Help Wanted,"the sign said, "Secretarial. Apply Within."She walked up the long flight of stairs to the Carhartt Company offices. Cautiously, Lill knocked on her very first door. She was met by the office manager, Margaret Costello. In her broken English, Lill told her she was interested in the secretarial position, falsely stating that she was 19. Margaret knew something wasn't right, but decided to give the girl a chance. She guided Lill through the old business office of the Carhartt Company. With rows and rows of people seated at rows and rows of typewriters and adding machines, Lill felt as if a hundred pairs of eyes were staring at her. With her chin on her chest and her eyes staring down, the reluctant farm girl followed Margaret to the back of the somber room.  Margaret sat her down at a typewriter and said, "Lill, let's see how good you really are."She directed Lill to type a single letter, and then left. Lill looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:40 a.m. Everyone would be leaving for lunch at noon. She figured that she could slip away in the crowd then. But she knew she should at least attempt the letter.  On her first try, she got through one line.It had five words, and she made four mistakes. She pulled the paper out and threw it away. The clock now read 11:45. "At noon,"she said to herself, "I'll move out with the crowd, and they will never see me again."  On her second attempt, Lill got through a full paragraph, but still made many mistakes. Again she pulled out the paper, threw it out and started over. This time she completed the letter, but her work was still strewn with errors. She looked at the clock: 11:55 — five minutes to freedom.  Just then, the door at one end of the office opened and Margaret walked in. She came directly over to Lill, putting one hand on the desk and the other on the girl's shoulder. She read the letter and paused. Then she said, "Lill, you're doing good work!"  Lill was stunned. She looked at the letter, then up at Margaret. With those simple words of encouragement, her desire to escape vanished and her confidence began to grow. She thought, "Well, if she thinks it's good, then it must be good. I think I'll stay!"  Lill did stay at Carhartt Overall Company...for 51 years, through two world wars and a Depression, through  presidents and six prime ministers — all because someone had the insight to give a shy and uncertain young girl the gift of self-esteem when she knocked on the door.

  • Is "A sheep as a lamb" is a wrong sentence?

    1. A sheep as a lamb exemply sentence-I'm going to be late for work anyway, so I think I'll go to the shop for a paper. I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.  -When the employers were out of town, the domestic helper decided to steal all the wife's jewelry since she would be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.  -Ernie decided to devote all his time cheating on the test instead of studying a little bit, since he might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.  【explain】"If you are going to be punished for something, you might as well be punished for something big, as for something small."   2. Bring to the table    【example sentence】-Alex said that he could bring his clever negotiation skills to the table if he got hired.  -In the movie Lord of the Rings, Legolas brought his archery skills to the table.  -Chad said that he could bring his French language skill to the table.   【explain】Add value to the situation when you join. It is often used when someone is joining a team, discussion, or negotiation.3. Piece of cake 【example sentence】 -Cesar was happy to whisper to the barking dog since it was a piece of cake.  -Mr. Grylls thought teaching the children outdoor survival skills was a piece of cake.  -The daring raid on the criminal hideout was a piece of cake for the Police SWAT team.   【explain】Something easily accomplished. 

  • Glenn Frey, a Founding Member of the Eagles, Dies at 67

     Glenn Frey, the guitarist, singer and songwriter who co-founded the Eagles, whose country-tinged, melodic rock tunes, wistful love ballads, philosophical anthems, observations of the outlaw life and tes***ents to the wages of decadence made it perhaps the leading American band of the 1970s, died on Monday in New York City. He was 67.An announcement on the band’s website said the cause was complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.The Eagles, founded in Los Angeles in 1971 by Mr. Frey and the drummer and singer Don Henley, lived furiously in the musical spotlight for nearly a decade, pumping out hits that defined a post-Beach Boys California pop in the midst of an era that otherwise gave birth to both disco and punk.The band flamed out in 1980 and disbanded. It got back together 14 years later with its popularity barely subsided, but it was the rocket-like rise and spectacular early success that landed it in 1998 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, whose website said the Eagles sold more records than any other band in the 1970s. It had four consecutive No. 1 albums, five No. 1 singles and its “Greatest Hits 1971-1975” album alone sold upward of 26 million copies.The band’s hit songs included yearning, battle-of-the-***es musings like “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Heartache Tonight,” and the cool-cat lifestyle statements “Take It Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” all of which featured Mr. Frey’s light, casual, relaxed lead vocals, as well as the No. 1 hit “Hotel California,” the band’s signature song from its 1977 album of the same name.Its imagistic, vaguely mystical lyrics, written by Mr. Frey, hint at a drug-fueled state of being, perhaps promising rapture, perhaps not, and have supplied fuel for countless interpretations:There she stood in the doorway;I heard the mission bellAnd I was thinking to myself,“This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the wayThere were voices down the corridor,I thought I heard them say...Welcome to the Hotel CaliforniaSuch a lovely place (Such a lovely place)Such a lovely facePlenty of room at the Hotel CaliforniaAny time of year (Any time of year)You can find it hereGlenn Lewis Frey was born in Detroit on Nov. 6, 1948, and grew up in the suburb of Royal Oak. His father was an auto factory worker; his mother, as he described it in “History of the Eagles,” a 2013 documentary about the band, “baked pies at General Motors.”PhotoFrom left, Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Don Felder and Joe Walsh in 1979. Credit Ebet RobertsHe took piano lessons from the age of 5 — “that alone could get you beat up after school in suburban Detroit,” he said — but he switched to guitar after seeing the Beatles perform live in downtown Detroit and having the girls in the audience go wild.He played in bands around Detroit (he played acoustic guitar on an early recording by another local rocker, Bob Seger), before moving to Southern California and crossing paths with the likes of Jackson Browne (with whom Mr. Frey wrote the song “Take It Easy”) and Linda Ronstadt.AdvertisementContinue reading the main storyAdvertisementContinue reading the main storyHe also met Mr. Henley, and the two of them toured with Ms. Ronstadt’s band. Mr. Frey and Mr. Henley, with two other members of Ms. Ronstadt’s band, the bassist Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon, who plays guitar and other stringed instruments, were the first incarnation of the Eagles.The band members were known for their often conflicting personalities, which led to changes in personnel — other members included the guitarists Don Felder and Joe Walsh and the bassist Timothy B. Schmit — and eventually to the breakup of the band.Mr. Frey and Mr. Henley battled over creative control and other matters; Mr. Frey, whom People magazine once referred to as the Warren Beatty of rock, has acknowledged a certain profligate lifestyle during the band’s first decade.“By ’76, ’77, Glenn and I were living in a big house that belonged to Dorothy Lamour, up in the hills with a 360-degree view,” Mr. Henley said on the website superseventies.com. “Glenn and I were the odd couple. I was sort of the housekeeper, the tidy one. He was the lovable slob. All around the house he’d leave these little cigarette butts standing on end. They looked like miniature cities.”After the band broke up in 1980, Mr. Frey embarked on a solo career, producing hit songs including, “The Heat Is On.”Survivors include his wife, Cindy, and three children, Taylor, Deacon and Otis.An underestimated reason for the success of the Eagles, perhaps, was their perfectionism, especially Mr. Frey’s.“Glenn, I think took three days in the studio on the word ‘city’ at the beginning of ‘Lyin’ Eyes,’ ” Mr. Felder, who joined the band in the mid-1970s, said in an interview on the website ultimateclassicrock.com. “It would either be a little early, or a little late, or the ‘T’ would be too sharp. It literally took a long time to get that word perfect — maybe to an extreme. But every time that word goes by now and I hear it, I can appreciate the time and dedication and perseverance that it took to get it perfect.”

  • Huawei Mate 8 review: A battery life beast

     Already selling in China, Huawei announced at the 2016 CES conference that the 6-inch Mate 8 will also come to other countries worldwide (though not the US, if you happen to live there). I spent two weeks with the huge-screen phone ahead of launch, and walked away generally liking what I saw, especially the long-lasting battery and the high camera quality. There are still minor flaws, however, including a screen resolution that's lower than I'd like on a phone of this size.The Mate 8 is not as powerful as Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 or LG's V10, but hopefully it's less expensive -- we don't know regional prices yet. If you convert the Chinese cost, the Mate 8 comes in overpriced at about $600, £400 and AU$825, which is too high for the Mate 8's real-world capabilities, so hopefully Huawei lowers this for its final local pricing.The Mate 8 certainly isn't the end-all, be-all large-screen phone to get, but for the right price, it'll give fans of big phones a good alternative in an all-metal build. For most, however, the Nexus 6P remains the better buy.Pros:Long-lasting batteryRecent version of Google's software, Android 6.0All-metal buildSame accurate fingerprint reader that's on the back of the Huawei-made Google Nexus 6PLoud speaker audioCons:Large size is polarizing and won't fit comfortably in all handsDim screenScreen resolution is too lowBattery life and screen size set the Mate 8 apart, but...If you're hot on big phones, the Mate 8's 6-inch screen gives you the room you need to run wild. When I hold the Mate 8 in my hand, the screen seems bright and wonderful...until I stream video, view high-res photos or hold it next to any other phone. It's then that I notice its 1,920-by-1,080-pixel resolution looks dimmer and a little hazier than other phones of its class at any brightness level, especially the impossibly vibrant Nexus 6P.Compared to ultrasharp displays like on the Nexus 6P's 2,560-by-1,440-pixel resolution, higher-res graphics look less detailed; that's because there are fewer pixels on the Mate 8, much lower than you typically see on a large-screen phone (see chart below). Most of the time, the Mate 8's resolution won't impede your viewing pleasure, but Huawei really should have climbed to the next rung in resolution to match the well-priced Nexus 6P (2,560x1,440 pixels).Better news is that battery here is a monster -- the Mate 8 lasted an average of 15.6 hours in our video drain tests. In everyday life, too, I always seemed to have enough battery reserves after continuously using it throughout the day. Some of that is due to the dimmer screen, though if your battery ever does get perilously close to flatlining, you can always turn on the phone's power-saving settings.Bonus points: Camera and Android 6.0Photos were another bright spot. The 16-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera shot off picture-perfect rounds of photos in most lighting settings, indoor and out. I'm not saying these were flawless -- camera photos do have their limits and I did get some weirdly yellow indoor shots in seriously terrible lighting -- but the camera components have gotten so good lately that most higher-end models will take photos you like.

  • Why do zebras have stripes?

     A new study suggests that it is highly unlikely that the Zebras' stripes have evolved in an effort to provide camouflage【伪装】, Christian Science Monitor reports."The results from this new study provide no support at all for the idea that the zebra's stripes provide some type of anti-predator【反捕食者】 camouflaging effect," said co-author Tim Caro, UC Davis wildlife biology professor."Instead, we reject this long-standing hypothesis that was debated by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace."Various hypothesis have been put forward to explain the purpose of zebras' stripes, including "confusing predators, protecting against disease-carrying insects, controlling body temperature and social cohesion【社会凝聚力】".For the study, the researchers took digital images from a field in Tanzania and simulated how zebras' main predators, lions and hyenas【土狼】, as well as zebras themselves, would perceive the stripes.They also measured the stripes' width and contrast, and drew conclusions based on the knowledge of various animals' visual capabilities."The most longstanding hypothesis for zebra striping is crypsis【保护色】, or camouflaging, but until now the question has always been framed through human" said lead author Amanda Melin, assistant professor of biological anthropology at the University of Calgary, Canada."We, instead, carried out a series of calculations through which we were able to estimate the distances at which lions and spotted hyenas, as well as zebras, can see zebra stripes under daylight, twilight, or during a moonless night."Results from the study suggested that the stripes are difficult for large carnivores【食肉动物】 to distinguish beyond 50 meters (about 164 feet) in daylight or 30 meters (about 98 feet) at twilight, and a mere 9 meters (about 29 feet) on moonless nights.Also, in open fields, lions could see the outline of zebras just as easily as that of similar-sized prey with fairly solid shading patterns.One hypothesis, published in January 2015, suggests that "temperature successfully predictsa substantial amount of the stripe pattern variation observed in plains zebra".There is also research in support of zebras' stripes helping to deter【制止】 biting flies. "And lastly, moving zebras are thought to dazzle and confuse attacking predators in part by creating optical illusions", says Rubenstein. "So far support for this hypothesis is mixed and has come mostly from computer studies in which human subjects attempt to hit striped and unstriped moving objects."  "Clearly, more study is needed to evaluate the relative importance of each of these alternatives."

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