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  • 8 Realities All Incoming College Freshmen Better Expect This Fall Read more : http://www.ehow.com/ehow-extras/blog/8-realities-all-incoming-college-freshman-better-expect-this-fall/

    Freshman year of college: pretty exciting, right? It’s also a huge first dose of freedom for many. While it’s a great time in your life, a few mistakes can easily ruin the whole experience. Look for these speed bumps, and avoid them.1. You’ll be lost in a sea of freshman and your professor will never know who you are.Every fall, a new wave of freshman wash ashore on the steps of big colleges and universities everywhere, and every fall these freshman become just a name and number to their professors. The one-on-one instruction of high school gets thrown out the window.Solution: Visit your professors during their office hours. Suddenly you’ve gone from one of hundreds of faceless students in a huge lecture hall to the new kid that’s showing a little extra effort, and jaded professors put names and eager faces together. Also, office hours are where you can discuss borderline grades and ask for extra credit assignments. Just don’t suck up—professors and their TAs can spot apple-polishers a mile away.2. You’ll be tempted to skip classes.In high school, it wasn’t very easy to skip class. Unless you were Ferris Bueller, you had to go to school and be in your seat for every class. In college, the world is your oyster and you don’t have to go to that 8 a.m. Intro to American Literature. The problem is, once you skip one class, skipping additional classes gets easier.Solution: Get out of bed and go to class, frosh. It’s easier than trying to fill in the gaps and borrowing unreliable notes from your classmates. That said, if your professor takes an attendance grade, you have no say in the matter.3. You’ll regret jumping into that exclusive relationship.I know, I know—the heart wants what the heart wants, but your freshman year of college is going to be one of the busiest years of your life: overwhelming workloads, new schedules, new friends, intimidating profs, new social life, and that list goes on. The last thing you need is the drama of a relationship closing you off from loads of new social opportunities.Solution: Play it by ear—keep your schedule open. Your school will have dozens of free-for-student events every week—go to those. But what if you enter college and you left a significant other back home? Good luck. Most 17-year-olds have a hard time adapting to going off to college as they leave their S.O. back home. Ever heard of the “Turkey Dump?” It’s what happens when a student returns home from college during Thanksgiving and breaks up with their high school significant other. There are exceptions to the rule, but these are very few and far between.4. You’ll blow your wad during the first semester.Freshmen tend to get overly excited their first semester and it’s understandable—it’s their first real taste of freedom and one of the first things to go is their restraint, then the measly savings they saved up from their horrible summer jobs and grandma’s high school graduation checks.Solution: Pace yourself. Put yourself on a budget. I scraped by on $20 a week. You can too.5. You’re going to overspend on textbooks—textbooks you might not need.I know, you’re eager and excited, but don’t buy all of your books the first week of class. You will not need a $100-plus textbook on your first day of class. And you may end up switching or dropping courses.Solution #1: Find out what books your instructors will be using and compare those to older editions. Then look up the ISBNs online. There’s a good chance you can use older (but still relevant) used books online. A cool professor will tell you what the editions’ differences are. On the other hand, if your professor happened to write your required textbook, you might be forced to buy new.Soultion #2: Check the textbook out of the library or through an interlibrary loan. A student might nab it before you, but it’s worth a shot.Solution #3:  Amazon has a textbook program now where you can borrow the book for a nominal fee and return it when the class is over.6.  You’re going to gain weight.The Freshmen 15—it’s real. With late night snacking in the dorm, parties galore, and pretty much unlimited food in the dining hall, it’s no wonder freshman put on the pounds.Solution: Monitor what you eat! If the cafeteria is too tempting, go for only one meal instead of all three, and eat sensibly elsewhere. Limit your snacking to healthier choices that won’t cost too many calories (rent a mini-fridge for you dorm—it’ll help.) And look into your school’s gym: it’s almost always free (well not free—that’s where part of your tuition is going).7. You’re going to be tempted to drink that weird drink.The red Solo cup that stranger put in your hand as you walked into the party full of strangers? Don’t drink it. The jungle juice filled with chunks of fruit? Skip it (especially the fruit). Tempting Jell-O shots? Politely decline.Solution: Don’t drink anything that you didn’t pour from a tap or that you didn’t open yourself. It’s a sad truth, but people still slip drugs in drinks. Almost forgot—don’t leave your drink unattended.8. High school overachievers will have their egos crushed.You might’ve been the valedictorian in your graduating high school class, but you’re in college now and you’re going to be competing with a lot of other valedictorians. You’re probably not going to be the top dog on campus anymore—don’t panic.Solution: Stick with the game plan that got you to the top in high school. If you nailed a 4.0 GPA in high school, don’t change your study habits. This isn’t a race and those who think it is burn out fast.Read more : http://www.ehow.com/ehow-extras/blog/8-realities-all-incoming-college-freshman-better-expect-this-fall/

  • Learn to Code at Any Age With These Free Tools

    Coding is quite fashionableIt doesn’t matter what your age is, the “learn to code” movement wants you. It’s not just about building websites and apps or getting a programming job (although those can be highly useful, too). When you learn to code, you further develop logic and problem solving skills. Plus, it can be downright fun, in a brain-challenging sort of way. Some of the best resources that will teach anyone — from toddlers to centenarians and everyone in between — how to code are easy to find and, best of all, they’re free.Programming Resources for Kids of All AgesLearn to code with Lego-like building blocks Many programming courses and apps are geared toward specific age groups, but some are pretty fundamental, appropriate for all ages. As long as you or your kids are able to read and understand cause and effect, that is.The free MIT webapp Scratch, for example, is designed for kids 8 to 16 years old, but it was the first tool I was introduced to when taking Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science Class, CS50, as an *****. The reason? This graphical tool teaches you the basic logic of programming — without the clutter of code. You drag-and-drop functions and objects in a Lego-like manner to develop animations, games and stories. It’s an awesome, easy introduction to many programming concepts for everyone. My daughter was about 4 years old when she started playing it with me, and loved it almost as much as I do.Code.org is behind the Hour of Code movement and contributes significantly to the push for computer science education in schools, which is sorely lacking in most school districts.  Video tutorials on the site teach JavaScript, Python, mobile app development, and more, for kids of all ages. They’re not as interactive as some other resources listed here, but they don’t require much time investment, which is always a plus.Programming Resources for the Youngest Kids and Elementary Schoolers (5 to 12 years old)Daisy the Dinosaur iPad app: Learning through play Some programming apps are clearly designed for younger kids, with an emphasis on largely cartoon-like graphics and easily manipulated parts. They still might appeal to beginner ***** coders, though.Daisy the Dinosaur, for example, is a free iPad app that teaches kids how to manipulate an object (a dinosaur) with code. For example, when you tap Daisy, she jumps. It makes coding fun and actionable. Daisy the Dinosaur is probably best for the youngest of kids, although it’s entertaining for all.Hopscotch is another free iPad app for kids who are a bit more advanced. It’s like a more limited version of Scratch, but one that’s touch-friendly. (Most of these learn-to-code apps are for iOS. Maybe we need to learn to code so we can make versions for Android and other mobile OS.)Teenagers and OlderCodecademy For teens and *****s, free courses and resources abound, so it’s impossible to list them all. Bento.io, however, does a good job of showcasing different web and other programming technologies and suggesting courses to take.For hands-on training (learn by playing!), I highly recommend Codecademy. The interactive site teaches HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP and more in courses that take usually only a few hours to complete.KhanAcademy, Coursera and edX are also excellent places to enroll in free online classes, many of them taught by distinguished professors at major universities.The free sources here should get you, and perhaps your whole family, started or further along on your coding path. Let us know if you have another favorite not mentioned hereRead more :http://www.ehow.com/ehow-tech/blog/learn-to-code-at-any-age-with-these-free-tools/

  • 家长课堂:培养孩子乐观开朗的六大策略

      美国儿童心理学家经过多年的研究发现,注重培养孩子快乐的性格,有利于孩子健康成长。那么,如何培养孩子的快乐性格呢?以下几个方面可...  美国儿童心理学家经过多年的研究发现,注重培养孩子快乐的性格,有利于孩子健康成长。那么,如何培养孩子的快乐性格呢?以下几个方面可为您提供参考:  第一,密切同孩子之间的感情。在培养快乐性格的过程中,友谊起着重要的作用。因此父母要鼓励孩子与同龄人一起玩耍,让他们学会愉快融洽的人际交往。  第二,给孩子提供决策的机会和权力。快乐性格的养成与指导和控制孩子的行为有着密切的联系。父母要设法给孩子提供机会,使孩子从小就知道怎样使用自己的决策权。  第三,教孩子调整心理状态。应使孩子明白,有些人一生快乐,其秘诀在于有适应力很强的心理状态,这使他们能很快地从失望中振作起来。在孩子受到某种挫折时,要让他知道前途总是光明的,并教孩子注意调整心理状态,使他恢复快乐的心情。  第四,限制孩子的物质占有欲。因为给孩子东西太多会使其产生“获得就是得到幸福的源泉”这样一种错觉,所以应结合事例教育他们,人生的快乐不能仅与物质财富的占有划等号。  第五,培养孩子广泛的兴趣。平时注意孩子的爱好。为孩子提供各种兴趣的选择,并给予孩子必要的引导,孩子的业余爱好广泛,自然容易拥有快乐的性格。  第六,保持家庭生活的美满和谐。家庭和睦,也是培养孩子快乐性格的一个主要因素。有资料表明,在幸福的家庭中成长起来的孩子,成年后能幸福生活的比在不幸家庭成长起来的孩子要多得多。

  • 家长们最关心的2015赴美国高中留学新趋势

        美国高中近年来低龄化留学趋势日益显著,美国作为教育资源大国,选择赴美国高中留学的学生越来越多,从而其申请竞争也越来越多...      近年来低龄化留学趋势日益显著,美国作为教育资源大国,选择赴美国高中留学的学生越来越多,从而其申请竞争也越来越多激烈,而且美国高中留学的申请要求也在不断变化。  寄宿高中对学生数量进行限制并提高评估水平  由于近几年美国**中学的申请者英文水平普遍较高,所以美国寄宿中学将更加看重学生的活动及爱好。根据兆龙留学近期的录取案例分析:寄宿高中更喜欢具有国际背景的学子。  寄宿初中申请将会更为激烈  如今,许多家长希望从7、8年级开始就让孩子出国读书。但是美国寄宿制初中较少,申请难度较大。但是在美国读初中的学生,升入美国高中的难度要比从中国直升美国高中简单。兆龙留学美国部彭老师建议家长要提早准备。  TOEFL JUNIOR成绩很重要  如今TOEFL JUNIOR已逐渐被部分走读私立中学和寄宿中学所认可。TOEFL JUNIOR的难度相对于TOEFL较为简单一些,学生更容易考出高分。兆龙留学专家建议家长多加关注TOEFL JUNIOR考试信息,可以将TOEFL JUNIOR考试看成是TOEFL的基础考试。  热门区域寄宿家庭资源会更加稀缺  美国走读中学因其周边寄宿家庭较少而不能招收更多的国际生,热门地区的寄宿家庭资源更加**。如果希望选择热门学校,需要做好自己的孩子与其他国际生同住在一家寄宿家庭的准备。  美国校园面试预约难度将提升  随着申请的学生越来越多,校园面试预约的时间也变得越来越早,彭老师建议学生自8月底开始联系学校,并进行相关规划。  参加美国中学夏季课程的人数会有所增加  美国中学的夏季课程对于我国学生了解美国教育方式有一定帮助,如果学生在夏季课程项目里表现较好,也能够得到相关老师的推荐,在申请时也会有一定的优势。

  • Au pair from Poland :)

    Hey guys! Remember Mariola, girl from Poland that arrived here almost 2 months ago? Well, we wanted to check up on her, and she says she's extremely satisfied and would like to find a job here ^_^ Good luck Mariola, hope all your wishes come true :) Not to mention we got pretty close, and hanging around in our free time :D Here are some pictures of her with host - sister.

  • Chinese New Year Now — Modern Activities

    1.3 Billion People Are on the Move — Traffic Is in ChaosPacked Guilin Railway StationIt seems the whole nation is on the move during the festival. The festival is thebusiest travel season in China, when trains and buses are fully packed. Even flight tickets are hard to get.Chinese people do whatever they can to go home to see their families: buying a ticket from scalpers at several times the price, queuing for three days, fightingfor a ticket to stand for more than 20 hours in an over-packed train, or riding a bus with 20 extra passengers on stools down the aisle for 12 hours or more.China's migrant workers are the main force during this migration. They carry large and heavy bags full of their worldly possessions and gifts, traveling generally from China's rich east back to their hometowns.A Rough Time for Singles — Rent a Fake Boyfriend?Chinese New Year is a joyful time for most, but for singles above the normal matrimonial age it is not so. Parents and relatives think they should be settled down.In China, females are said to be marriageable before 30, and males before 32. Those who don't get married before these ages are thought to be the dregs of society.For these singles, parents are extremely anxious. So New Year's Eve is heighted by embarrassing interrogations of the singles. Parents even arrange dating for their single children.To solve this problem an interesting, and often ridiculous, solution has appeared — renting a boyfriend or girlfriend for the New Year. There are websites and agents specialized in this business. Taobao, China's largest online retailer, has a section for fake boyfriend and girlfriend rentals. The price is about 100 yuan (16 USD) a day.  Sending Lucky Chinese New Year Cell Phone MessagesSending cell phone messages has become the main way to greet people on Chinese New Year's Eve. In the past people sent New Year cards or called each other to express their good wishes during the Spring Festival. Now most people use cell phone text messages or WeChat (微信 Wēixìn /way-sshin/) to greet their friends.There are plentiful messages online for people to choose from when New Year is coming. Long or short, these messages are filled with warmth and good wishes.

  • How Chinese New Year Is Celebrated Traditionally

    Spring Festival HistoryThe Spring Festival has a history of more than 4,000 years. It is said that it originated from a belief in deities that had to be sacrificed to every year. When the solar terms changed, dictating farming activities, especially at the end of a year, people would sacrifice to the deities and pray for a good harvest.Rarely Seen Cultural Activities to SeeChinese New Year lion danceMany cultural activities occur during the festival. Rural areas and small towns retain more traditional celebrations, such as setting off firecrackers, ancestor worship, and dragon dances. Setting off firecrackers and fireworks are common during the Spring Festival season all over China; dragon dances and ancestor worship less so in the city.At temple fairs in many Chinese cities traditional performances can be seen: dragon dances, lion dances, and performances representing palace events like an emperor's wedding. A great variety of traditional Chinese products are on offer there, and strange Chinese snacks, rarely seen the rest of the year. Beijing's temple fairs are held in parks from the first day of the lunar year to the Lantern Festival.   In North China people perform various versions of the Rice Sprout Song (扭秧歌 Niǔyāng Gē /nyoh-yang ger/ ‘twist sprout song'), a traditional Chinese dance performed by a group of colorfully-dressed women and men.Lucky Decorations EverywhereRed lanterns hang in a park in BeijingEvery street, building, and house is decorated with red. “Red” is the main color for the festival, as it is believed to be an auspicious color. Red lanterns hang in streets; red couplets are pasted on doors; banks and official buildings are decorated with red New Year pictures depicting images of prosperity.As 2016 is the year of monkey, decorations related to monkeys will be commonly seen. There are red monkey dolls for children and New Year paintings with monkeys on. Read more on Chinese New Year Decorations.Red Envelopes — the Most Popular GiftsLike Christmas in the West, people exchange gifts during the Spring Festival. The most common gifts are red envelopes. Red envelopes have money in, and are given to children and (retired) seniors. It is not a customs to give red envelopes to (working) *****s. Read more on Chinese New Year Gift IdeasFoods with Lucky Meanings Are EatenChinese Dumplings is a must for Chinese New YearCertain foods are eaten during the festival because of their symbolic meanings, based on their names or appearance.Fish is a must for Chinese New Year as the Chinese word for fish (鱼 yú /yoo/) sounds like the word for surplus (余 yú). Eating fish is believed to bring a surplus of money and good luck in the coming year. Another traditional Chinese New Year food is Chinese dumplings. Because the shape of Chinese dumplings looks like  silver ingot - a kind of  ancient Chinese money, Chinese people believe eating dumplings during the New Year festival will bring more money and wealth for the coming year. Other New Year food includes spring rolls, glutinous rice cakes and Sweet Rice Balls.A Season of Superstitions — How to be Lucky in 2016…Chinese people believe that, as the Spring Festival is the start of a new year, what you do then will affect your luck in the coming year. There are many taboos for the Spring Festival season. These taboos usually apply up to a month before the festival and continue to the end of the festival (day 15, the Lantern Festival). They are strictly followed in rural areas by the older generations, but the younger generations and people in urban areas may not know them.Some Chinese people believe that they mustn't do cleaning and wash their hair in the first three days as that will sweep/wash away good luck.A cry of a child is believed to bring bad luck to the family, so the young are placated fastidiously.To ask for a loan is a big "no-no".Another interesting thing is the red underwear. You will see red underwear sold at supermarkets and street markets. Red is believed to ward off bad luck and misfortune. For the people born in a year of the Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004), red underwear is a must for 2016.To pray in a temple during the Chinese New Year is said to be blessed, and will lead to a smooth coming year. In Shanghai, China's biggest city, thousands flock to Longhua Temple, the city's biggest temple, praying for good fortune.

  • Learning is a lifelong process

    Recently, the famous professor "Zhengqiang" from Zhejiang University made another speech, in which was a sentence "Chinese Children don't lose at the finishing line, but instead are all tortured to death at the starting line." In his speech, he reproached the current situation where children are taught with academic knowledge at a quite early age. Looking around, the present situation is really astounding. Babies under the age of one are in different educational institutions, trained with so-called skills; in the nurseries, small kids are learning characters and math; in schools, the problems faced with students sometimes are so difficult and confusing even to *****s. People are complaining of the educational system, but parents are enthusiastic about different courses for they all believe their children are genius and don't want to miss any chance to develop them. However, one thing is often ignored. That is how often they pay attention to the children's perseverance.In my view, I don't think there are too many problems in teaching small kids academic knowledge or other skills. The key point is what the expectations of the parents are and how they will get around their children if their interest is not in line with theirs. It's not wrong to teacher children knowledge while it's wrong not to teach them how to treat knowledge and life itself. Since we cannot or we should not expect our children to live up to our own expectations, we are supposed to be prepared to accept the fact that they don't like the way we have chosen for them and dont' want to follow it. Therefore, it will be better if we highlight the importance of perseverance in their development rather than how much they have learned. When the spirit is cultivated, we cannot ensure a child's excellence at different ages compared with others while it's certain that he will be excellence in his own life. The purpose of education is to foster an excellent person, not to foster a person who is better than others.I feel sorry when I see students in colleges are tired with knowledge, hanging around every day, waiting for the certificate at their graduation but without any interest in their majors for their interest is being worn out when they are "forced" to learn at their early age. Actually, learning is a lifelong process, which goes with our growth. Due to it, we are meant to be persevered. Actually, it's lucky for children to have opportunities to learn even when they are still babies. As long as they know what perseverance means to them and they are required to live up to their own expectations, learning will not be a burden but an enjoyment. Although the real world is cruel for us and learning for certain purposes cannot be avoid when we are faced with heated competitions, we should always remind ourselves of what really matters.Hopefully, one day, when students graduate from the high school, we can see their desire for college life and study instead of their extreme behaviors such as tearing all their books and papers up to express their depressions in their study. After all, graduating from the high school is not an end but the beginning to our ***** life.

  • It is never too late to learn

    Below is a good speech, so me-Rebecca, one of the Ou Bei staff copy the article and put it on our website.                       It's never too late to learn  It’s my great honor to be here to talk about the importance of something on learning. May I begin my speech by asking a question? Have you ever eager to learning something but doubting it is too late to do so. If you do, I would tell you that I have a friend much like you do!Last winter holiday I backed home., a friend who dropped out of school three years ago came to me .after knowing the interesting university life of mine ,he showed great interest on university .and hesitated whether to back to school to go on the study, as a friend of his, of course I had encouraged him to continue .it seems that to get a further education can benefit us a lot. it may make the way shorter when we try to be succeeded .he promised he would think it over. but a few days later he told me he finally decide to give up .it’s too late and too hard for him start afresh the high school course…A few weeks ago, he gave me a call, excited to tell me that he planed to be a kindergarten. The male kindergarten is hot in China as few man choose to take this job. but he worried that it seems  too late to start it at a age of 22.Fine! He was hesitating ,again!I understand why people feel uneasy when the attend to go on a job that they have missed the best time to do. as the job may has great impact on their future life. To start it or not .it’s really troubled. Hesitating is reasonable . But ,dose hesitation make any difference? The only way to change your actuality is: Figure out a plan and bravely to set out your step. Just do it! You don’t have the qualification to judge it utill you try. Its never too late to learn, a learning heart can never be growing old. Like a uncle of mine. Who retired from work several years ago. He is 64-year-old already. And it shocked me greatly that he is learning English now. which proved his words “keep learning until go to the other world is the most wonderful thing in life. A 22-year-old man complained “It’s too late to do it.” while a 70 one said “I feel I’m young to learn”. Is’t it strange ?Can’t we realize the importance of the meaning of“never to late to learn”until we experienced a lot and being old like a 70 man? It’s a sorrow if we a waste of the golden time of our life. Why not to start our plan right now. don’t be heel-dragging, or you will never becoming a winner . Remember it :every moment could be the most suitable time as long as you decide to learn.

  • Christmas is coming

    Christmas Day, on December 25, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. It celebrates Jesus' birth.Celebrate Christmas DayChristmas Day is a holiday in many, but not all, countries. Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Some workplaces hold Christmas parties prior to December 25. Festive activities include exchanging presents, singing Christmas songs, going to parties.It's a special time when children get presents from family, friends and Santa Claus, or Father Christmas. Christmas cards are also given or sent out prior to Christmas Day.For some, Christmas is an exclusive family affair, while others invite friends to a Christmas buffet or pot luck meal. Churches have special services and may include a crèche or miniature Nativity scene.What's Open or Closed?Christmas Day is a public holiday in many countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Government offices, educational institutions, many businesses and post offices are closed on this day. If you plan to travel with public transport, check with the local transport authority on schedule changes.About Christmas DayChristmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. His birth date is unknown because there is little information about his early life. There is disagreement among scholars on when Jesus was born. Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas Day on or near January 7.The word “Christmas” comes from the old English “Cristes maesse”, or the mass of Christ. It is likely that the Christmas date of December 25 was chosen to offset the Pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. It it also possible that the celebration of the birth of the “true light of the world” was set at the time of the December solstice because this is when the days in the northern hemisphere begin to grow longer. Christmas holiday customs derive from various cultures, including Teutonic, Celtic, Roman, West Asian and Christian.SymbolsThe mistletoe is a commonly used Christmas decoration. By tradition, people who meet under a hanging mistletoe are obliged to kiss. Mistletoe has pagan associations. For example, the druids of Gaul regarded mistletoe growing on oak trees as sent from heaven.Other common decorations associated with Christmas are holly and ivy – both are associated with Pagan festivals as it was customary to decorate with greenery for these festivals.Images of Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes are seen in cards, posters, signs and other printed or marketing material associated with the Christmas celebrations. Images of baby Jesus, the Christmas star, and other symbols associated with the religious meaning of Christmas are also seen during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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