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It is never too late to learn

Release date:2015-12-25

Below is a good speech, so me-Rebecca, one of the Ou Bei staff copy the article and put it on our website.

                       It's never too late to learn  

It’s my great honor to be here to talk about the importance of something on learning. May I begin my speech by asking a question? Have you ever eager to learning something but doubting it is too late to do so. If you do, I would tell you that I have a friend much like you do!

Last winter holiday I backed home., a friend who dropped out of school three years ago came to me .after knowing the interesting university life of mine ,he showed great interest on university .and hesitated whether to back to school to go on the study, as a friend of his, of course I had encouraged him to continue .it seems that to get a further education can benefit us a lot. it may make the way shorter when we try to be succeeded .he promised he would think it over. but a few days later he told me he finally decide to give up .it’s too late and too hard for him start afresh the high school course…

A few weeks ago, he gave me a call, excited to tell me that he planed to be a kindergarten. The male kindergarten is hot in China as few man choose to take this job. but he worried that it seems  too late to start it at a age of 22.

Fine! He was hesitating ,again!

I understand why people feel uneasy when the attend to go on a job that they have missed the best time to do. as the job may has great impact on their future life. To start it or not .it’s really troubled. Hesitating is reasonable . But ,dose hesitation make any difference? The only way to change your actuality is: Figure out a plan and bravely to set out your step. Just do it! You don’t have the qualification to judge it utill you try. Its never too late to learn, a learning heart can never be growing old. Like a uncle of mine. Who retired from work several years ago. He is 64-year-old already. And it shocked me greatly that he is learning English now. which proved his words “keep learning until go to the other world is the most wonderful thing in life.

 A 22-year-old man complained “It’s too late to do it.” while a 70 one said “I feel I’m young to learn”. Is’t it strange ?Can’t we realize the importance of the meaning of“never to late to learn”until we experienced a lot and being old like a 70 man? It’s a sorrow if we a waste of the golden time of our life. Why not to start our plan right now. don’t be heel-dragging, or you will never becoming a winner . Remember it :every moment could be the most suitable time as long as you decide to learn.

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