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Learning is a lifelong process

Release date:2015-12-28

Recently, the famous professor "Zhengqiang" from Zhejiang University made another speech, in which was a sentence "Chinese Children don't lose at the finishing line, but instead are all tortured to death at the starting line." In his speech, he reproached the current situation where children are taught with academic knowledge at a quite early age. Looking around, the present situation is really astounding. Babies under the age of one are in different educational institutions, trained with so-called skills; in the nurseries, small kids are learning characters and math; in schools, the problems faced with students sometimes are so difficult and confusing even to *****s. People are complaining of the educational system, but parents are enthusiastic about different courses for they all believe their children are genius and don't want to miss any chance to develop them. However, one thing is often ignored. That is how often they pay attention to the children's perseverance.

In my view, I don't think there are too many problems in teaching small kids academic knowledge or other skills. The key point is what the expectations of the parents are and how they will get around their children if their interest is not in line with theirs. It's not wrong to teacher children knowledge while it's wrong not to teach them how to treat knowledge and life itself. Since we cannot or we should not expect our children to live up to our own expectations, we are supposed to be prepared to accept the fact that they don't like the way we have chosen for them and dont' want to follow it. Therefore, it will be better if we highlight the importance of perseverance in their development rather than how much they have learned. When the spirit is cultivated, we cannot ensure a child's excellence at different ages compared with others while it's certain that he will be excellence in his own life. The purpose of education is to foster an excellent person, not to foster a person who is better than others.

I feel sorry when I see students in colleges are tired with knowledge, hanging around every day, waiting for the certificate at their graduation but without any interest in their majors for their interest is being worn out when they are "forced" to learn at their early age. Actually, learning is a lifelong process, which goes with our growth. Due to it, we are meant to be persevered. Actually, it's lucky for children to have opportunities to learn even when they are still babies. As long as they know what perseverance means to them and they are required to live up to their own expectations, learning will not be a burden but an enjoyment. Although the real world is cruel for us and learning for certain purposes cannot be avoid when we are faced with heated competitions, we should always remind ourselves of what really matters.

Hopefully, one day, when students graduate from the high school, we can see their desire for college life and study instead of their extreme behaviors such as tearing all their books and papers up to express their depressions in their study. After all, graduating from the high school is not an end but the beginning to our ***** life.

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