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The Dragon Boat Festival

Release date:2016-02-25

The Chinese traditional festival---The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is one of the Chinese ancient traditional festivals. Celebrating The Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional habit of Chinese people for more than 2,000 years. Because China has the wide area and many nations, on the other hand, there are many stories and legends in China, so there are many different customs in different area. The customs include: the daughter coming back to the home, hanging the icon of Zhong Kui, hanging mugwort on the door, hosting the dragon boat race, eating Zhong Zi, drinking the realgar wine and so on.

 Up to now, the dragon boat festival still is a prevailing and solemn festival, the followings are some important activities in that day.

Dragon boat race:

In that day, people would host the dragon boat race. The boat is made from wood, and the shape of the boat is dragon. The activity is originated from the period of Warring States. This activity is mainly to honor the poet-Qu Yuan who was dead by skipping into the Guluo River.

Eating Zong Zi

In the dragon boat festival day, eating Zong Zi is the another traditional custom. Zong Zi is also called “Jiao Shu”, “Tong Zong”, is made from sticky rice, and is wrapped by the bamboo leaves. In that day, almost every one would eat it. And in many families, the mother can made it by herself, whose taste is delicious.
Wearing the sachet:

In that day, the children would wear the sachet, which means that the sachet can drive out evil spirits. Actually, it is used as the decoration on their clothes. Inside the sachet, there are cinnabar, realgar, aromatic drug. On the other hand, it smells good.
Wearing the long life wisp
The long life wisp is made by 5 kinds of color string. You can wear it in your waist and ankle.

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