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Eileen Chang (The Chinese famous female author)

Release date:2016-07-21

Eillen Chang (9.30.1920-9.8.1995), whose original name is Zhang Ying, is the Chinese modern writer, and her domicile place is Tangshan, Hebei. She was born in a wane noble mansion located in the west of Shanghai Public Concession on September 30, 1920.

The works of Eileen Chang mainly include novel, prose, film script and literary works. Her letters also are researched as works by people.

Eileen Chang got acquainted with Hu Lancheng, and kept going out with him in 1944. Eileen Chang settled down in Los Angeles. On September 8, 1995, on the Mid-autumn festival, the landlord of Eileen found that she has dead in the department of Avenue of Roschester, Westwood, California because of arteriosclerotic cardio vascular disease, at the age of 75. She has dead for a week when she was found. On September 30, her friends before dead host the memorial meeting. After her memorial meeting, her bone ash was scattered into the Pacific.

On the summer of 1942, Eileen and Yan Ying returned to Shanghai, and lived in Room 65, Floor 6, Eddington House. From that time, she began her writing career.

After reading the novel of Eileen Chang Blockage, Hu Lancheng appreciates her work very much. Hu Lancheng visited to Eileen Chang personally. They talked about 5 hours, and fell in love with each other. At that time, Hu Lancheng was 38 years old, and Eileen Chang is 24 years old. Even, Hu Lancheng has married. On August, 1944, Hu Lancheng divorced with his second wife, and married to Eileen Chang. However, Hu Lancheng has two other lovers after marriage, finally, Eileen Chang decided to break up with Hu Lancheng.

In 1956, Eileen Chang met her second husand in America who was 29 years old than her. After half year, Eileen Chang and her second husand Fedinand Reyher got married. From that time, she began to write novels-Pink Tears in English.

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