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Aptitudes to Apply

1.   come from English speaking countries or speak advanced level English with clear pronunciation and abundant vocabulary.

2.  have patience with children, love children and have a sense of responsibility, optimistic and positive.

3.  Achieve university or college degree, have rich knowledge of artistic skills and cross cultural experience, love sports.

4.  Have experience in teaching, child care or early childhood experience or hold English teacher qualification certificate.

5.  Be healthy with no infectious diseases, having good manner, positive life

attitude and can provide No Criminal Record.

6.  Excellent high school students, college/University students or those young

People well behaved in society aged from 18-26.

Expand your world! Experience Chinese culture first hand by living with a Chinese family and helping to care for their children.

Living with a host family allows you the unique opportunity to intimately experience the day-to-day life of a typical Chinese family. Au pairs receive a monthly stipend for childcare services.

You will have many opportunities to meet new friends and explore the surroundings of your new Chinese home. You will become independent and grow as an individual as you experience what it is like to live abroad.

Living and working in another country allows you to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience, all of which will help you in the future and look great on your resume. Whether you want to move forward with childcare or go into a completely different field, your time in China and proven excellent Chinese skills will take you far.

Being an au pair has other unique advantages as well. You’re not a visitor, you’re a family member. As an au pair, you share your own culture directly with your Chinese family and make a real, lasting, positive difference in a child’s life!

OuBei Au Pair is an exchange visitor visa sponsoring organization. You can feel confident that you are being sponsored in a legal, respected program.

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