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Au Pairs Travel in China

1.     Hong Village(宏村) - A Village in Chinese Painting 
Hong Village is located on the southwest of the foot of Huangshan Mountain, 11 miles from Yi County in Anhui Province. The name of the village which is a bull-shaped antique one belonging to the Land of Peach Blossom of old Yi County symbolizes expansion and prosperity. It has a long history of more than 900 years featuring green hills and limpid river. Therefore, people always call it "A Village In Chinese Painting.



2.     Mount Huangshan- the best in all the land of mountains

     Mountain Huangshan is located in southern Anhui Province in Huangshan City, as the high            mountains in one of "the best in all the land of mountains," Huang Di once the alchemy. Xu          Xiake had two tours to Mount Huangshan, leaving the "five Yues return from Mount                    Huangshan, guilaibukan" plaint. Li Bai and other poets in this left a beautiful poem. China's            most beautiful, striking one of ten famous mountains. Mount Huangshan is a famous summer        resort, is a national scenic area and health resort. Selected in 1985 ten national scenic spot, in       1990 December was listed by UNESCO as "world cultural and natural heritage", is one of the       second Chinese culture, at the same time as a natural heritage included in the directory.




      3. Wuyi Mountain

      Wuyi Mountains is thousands of kilometers long, just like a green dragon flying among Min,         Zhe, Gan and Yue, four provinces. The world famous Wuyi Mountains nature reserve of             national level is just located on the highest place of the northern part of Wuyi Mountains it         has the biggest acreage, best-preserved mid-subtropical ecological system in southeastern             China. It is selected as a world biological reserve and the A Reserve with world protection           value by the United Nations. The natural condition inside the reserve is very advantageous, the       forest cover is well preserved, biological resource is very rich, and there are many rare birds         and animals. 2466 kinds of higher plants, 840 kinds of lower plants, 475 kinds of spinal                 animals, and about 5000 kinds of insects have been formally named. There are 26 kinds of           most valuable plants, 56 kinds of national first and second class valuable animals, in addition,       several dozens of world rare breeds such as "Jiao Guai" can be found here.


3.     Xiapu(福建霞浦)   Xiapu city, a holy land enclosed by mountains and sea, a wellness garden congregating talents has been endowed with great beauty, deep love and broad view by heaven. A “Shell mound relics” is remained in Huanggua Mountain of Xiama Village, Shajiang Town in Xiapu about 4000 B.C., which is the birthplace of East Fujian’s civilization. Xiapu located in the central point of China’s golden coast, with the longest coast line in the western coast of Taiwan Straits, and is set up as a county as early as the 3rd year of Taikang Emperor in Jin Dynasty, and was always the capital of East Fujian From Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. Xiapu boasts excellent ocean shipping condition, and had been abundant in materials and owned a perfect port, which is called as “Zhou State and Lu State along the coast and gateway city among Fujian, Zhejiang anTaiwan” (Zhou State and Lu State are two ancient China’s states with brilliant civilization).


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