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How to apply?

1) Contact us. Fill out the application documents and provide them with all the needed documents, e.g. copy of your valid passport, photos, dear family letter, etc.    

2) Prepare for an interview with us. Mostly it will be via Skype, so if you haven't got an account yet it’s the perfect time to get one. In the interview you have to convince the agency that you are a suitable candidate as an Au pair in China.    


3) Wait for a suitable host family. If you have passed the interview the agency will start to match you with one of the families.    


4) First contact with the family. The family will write you an email and you can decide if you want to get in touch with them. You will also have to do a video-chat via Skype.    

5) Prepare the last needed documents. When you and the family are a match, you have to prepare the remaining documents, e.g. health declaration, criminal background check, etc. 


6) Sign the contracts. To be an Au-pair in China you have to sign two contracts, one between you and the agency and one between you and your future host family.    

7) Apply for your Visa. Your agency will provide you with all the information you need to apply for your visa in China.    

8) Book your flight ticket. You can decide if you buy a one-way flight first or a return flight already. Many air ticket sites offer good deals; also it is cheaper to fly on weekdays as on the weekend. Or, we can do it for you :)   

9) Get ready to start your Au-pair stay in China. OuBei AuPair will provide you with useful information about China and life in China; you should also read as much as possible about it before you go. You can ask your family what you should bring and what you don't have to bring.    

10) If there is any problem or misunderstanding during your stay in China, OuBei AuPair is always the first one to contact.     

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