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Why become an Au Pair in China?

1) China is Superpower!

China is the next big thing, it is set to become one of the most influential countries in the world, and association with this nation is such an important thing. Working as an au pair in China gives an upper hand, there will be more opportunities for you when you clear the studies, and it means get bigger things in future.    

2)  Good for the CV

Gaining experience in any field in China is a big plus for a person who would like to become a global worker. China is known for quality training, you will impress your future employer for the experience you have gained here. You will be hunted by prospective employers just for the fact that you worked in the country, regardless of the field where you were working.After you finish the contract, we'll provide you a certificate :)  

3) History and Modern Culture

China has rich history, dating  back 5000 years , this can only be discovered through visiting the numerous Chinese museums. Despite the rich history, the country is highly modernized, technological superior, with a fast growing economy. Visiting and working in the country will give you a first hand experience on these two extreme situations.    

4) You will make money despite acting an older brother or sister    

As an au pair you will be playing the role of a bigger brother or sister, you will take care of the kids. Normally parents do not pay their children while taking care of their siblings but for you they will pay cash for taking that role. The expenses will be few allowing saving most of your earnings.    

5) Flights and Accommodation included 

Some of the expenses such as flights and accommodations are taken care of. These are expenses that could take a good chunk of the earning. With the inclusion of these needs in the employer or host family budget, you will save a great deal!    

6)Mandarin Classes

You will not get a paid job abroad, flights and accommodation supported, but you also get Mandarin classes, which means you can show off to your mates when you get back home. You will have mastered the language by the time the contract ends.    

7) Challenge Stereotypes 

Let’s face it, if you’ve never been to China, there’s a decent chance that you don’t have the full picture when it comes to what the country has to offer. So, stop referring to what you think China is and go and discover it for yourself. Au pair China , gives you this golden opportunity , take it and you will never be the same again, you will change for better    


8)Being in family

You will be treated as the family member, this will be a great opportunity for culture exchange. You can learn how to cook Chinese food, participating in family’s life; celebrate National Holidays side by side with a native Chinese people. Great opportunity to learn Chinese culture from inside!     

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