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Rhiannon from Germany

Dear Host familiy,

Hello, my name is Rhiannon and I am 18 years old.

I am from a small town in Germany, called Nesselwang.


I grew up with two elder brothers (Max and Daniel) and my Parents (Neill and Alison). I have a good relationship with my brothers and my parents.

My father is a managing Director. He is a very activ person and he loves doing sports and seeing new places.

My mother works at a bakery. She is a nice and friendly person, who likes to talk with other people.

Max is currently in Australia for a year and Daniel is doing an apprenticeship.


I am a polite, reliable enthusiastic individual who enjoys working as a part of a

team but who is also very capable of working on my own. I am a positive

person and one of my greatest strengths is my ability to communicate with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

I am a highly organised and target orientated person. I have a personable appearance and I enjoy remaining fit. I have already gained experience in caring for others and in the tourism industry. My role has always been people related with daily contact to other people. My work experience to date has allowed me to further develop my inter-personal and social skills to a level where I can

 now confidently deal with those entrusted to me and their environment.

I particularly enjoy taking responsibility for children. As an elder cousin and ski teacher I have experienced the satisfaction of helping children to develop their inherent skills and watching them mature.


I startet working in a Hotel when I was 14. I worked on my weekends and in my school holidays. My areas of responsibility were barwork, service and maid service.

In 2012 I started working in an ice parlour. Here I improved my skills at barwork and  service for two summers.

In November 2012 I started working as a ski and snowboard teacher. It was great fun, as I could combine sports with teaching children.

I graduatet from the Johann-Jakob-Herkomer-Realschule (Highschool) in 2007, leaving with a High school certificate.

After finishing school I startet working in a rehabilitation centre. I worked one year with people who had car accidents, amputations,...

After one year one that staion, I was one of the very few young people, who was allowed to go on the extreme ward station.

When I finished working at the rehabilitation centre I decided to go abroad. So in march 2015 I went to Portugal. I worked 6 months at a Restaurant.

Now I would like to go further. And china sounds like a great opportunity for me.

I would like to go to china because I think it is very different to europe. And I would like to experience a different way of living and working.

I think it has a beautiful countryside with nice and friendly people.

And I would like to combine that with a wonderful and interesting job: taking care of your children.

I think it is not always easy to take care of children but it is a great experience to share time with them. I have much patience because I trained these skills during my ski and snowboard teaching and during other babysitting jobs. I have the strength to set limits if necessary and I am consequent.


I hope that I am the right person to take care of your children and I am looking forward to feedback.


Kind regards,


Rhiannon Hogarth





我和我的父母(Neill and Alison)还有两个哥哥(Max and Daniel)一起长大。我们的家庭很和谐。



















Rhiannon Hogarth

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