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Kateřina From Czech

Dear future family,

I would like to tell you something about me. It can be helpful to realize if I am the right au pair for you. My name is Kateřina (Katherine) but the people usually call me Káťa. I’m 23 years old. I come from a big family. My parents are divorced, but it’s OK, we are happy like that J The family consist of my mother Jana and her partner Míla. And my father and his wife Olga - they live with my youngest brother Adam (5). The most of my childhood I lived with my mother and his partner, together with my siblings. My younger sister Jane (15) and Michaela (20) and older brother Vojta (25). We spent a lot of time together - playing, going out and also learning together. The older ones took care about the younger ones, so I was a big sister. J We grew up in house in Svatava, which is a small village. And during my studies at college, I moved to bigger town Sokolov into my and my brothers flat.

So while I was studying I had to find some job. I was lucky, I found two ones! It was hard, because I didn’t have much time for my own activities and the both jobs took a lot of responsibility. But I successfully finished my school of Social work with “red diploma” and I got degree DiS. (qualified specialist). After finishing I was still working in both jobs as a Social Worker. The first one focused on People with disabilities. I help them to find a job and then I assist them on workplaces. And the second one was about supporting family to be self-sufficient. I had the family with five children and when the mother needed to be out of household, I took care about those children. There were little girl Evgenia (3), twins Daniela and Nicole (8), big brother František (10) and the oldest girl Monika (12). We spent a lot of time together with learning, preparing to school, cleaning a flat and also we did some free time activities like reading books, drawing, playing outdoor games and singing. I was really sad when this job was in the end. But I decided that this is the right time to go abroad. To learn another language and to know something more about different cultures, habits and traditions. And in another site I would like to bring something new to your country to your family and we can learn from each other.

I like music - listening, singing and playing it by my guitar. I also like reading books, doing sports (volleyball, swimming, basketball, aikido), learning new languages and sometimes I’m drawing. I really love traveling. I’m traveling in my hometown with my family and friends. And abroad? I have been already to: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and the last traveling experience is China. I spend there 1 month however I think it’s not enough for this beautiful country.

I hope I will be the right person for your family. And I am looking forward to meet you. J

With Regards, Káťa.


我想告诉你一些关于我的事。这样您就知道我是否适合您的家庭。我的名字是凯特řINA(凯瑟琳)但人们通常叫我Káťa23岁。我来自一个大家庭。我的父母离婚了,但是一切还好,我们是快乐的,家庭包括我的母亲和她的伙伴MíLa 。我的父亲和他的妻子奥尔加-他们与我的最小的弟弟亚当(5)住在一起。我童年的时候是和母亲,她的伙伴还有我的兄弟姐妹住在一起。我的妹妹简(15)和米歇尔(20)和哥哥Vojta25)。我们在一起的时间很多,一起出去玩,一起学习。年长的人关心年轻人,所以我是个大姐姐。我们是在斯瓦塔瓦的房子里长大,这是一个小村庄。在大学期间,我搬到索科洛夫这个大城市,住在了而我和我哥哥的公寓里。






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