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Adam From Nadia

Nadia, 21years old, comes from Poland

I want to thank you for your consideration. I would like to introduce myself that you could know me best. My name is Nadia. I am 21years old. I live in south Poland in small town Wisła. The countryside is very beautiful, specially, because of the nature and a lot of greenery. I live with my family. I have four siblings (two sisters and two brothers). I'm ambitious person. I like to know as much as it's possible to be the best with doing everything I do. I have finished my study at high school. I get to know a lot of games and plays for children. I was working with children who need special care. I lived in England almost two years and I worked with English children. I taught some of the children basic English. After that year I went back to England again and now I work at English nursery and study 'Children and Young People's Workforce'. For me it is good experience. I am very happy when I see that all the kids like me and want to spend time with me.

I like talking with people from different countries about theirs live and customs. I like spending time with children and see how they study new things. I want to be au pair because I would like to know better new culture and also it would help me to get more independence. All that experiences and knowledge could help me be good with my future work. I am punctual person who can work hard if it is necessary. I am obliging and flexible. I am also sensitive person who likes people with their advantages and disadvantages. I am patient and tolerant. What I think is very important some people who don't know me good think that I am shy and first impression could be that. I like to spend time with my friends who know me the best. My favorite thing to do is cooking, I really enjoy it. I like also studying language. I think that you got to know the most important things about me and it could help you to make the decision.

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