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  • What are the Au Pair duties?

    What are the Au Pair duties?

    We are living in a time where the world is more integrated, where we need to learn foreign languages and cultures. They will give us an edge, as well as make us remain competitive. Kids need to be taught a foreign language as well as culture right from an early age. One of the effective ways to achieve this is through an au pair.    You will have somebody to take care of the kids, play with and teach them. Au pair program allows you to host a foreigner, somebody who speaks English or any other foreign language of interest.    These are the benefits of having an au pair in your family:   You will create an English environment for the family and the children. Kids will learn to speak English or any other language of interest at an early age.   They will be taught a foreign culture of interest right from their tender age, making it easy to interact with other people in the world and also fitting well in foreign environment     They will feel the world at an early age; they will know there are other people, languages and cultures beyond the borders and not only theirs.    You will teach the kids to be open minded. Having a foreigner in the house will teach the kids to live with others in the society and more in a diverse environment.    This has been recognized as the best way to learn a language, having a teacher in the house all the time, she is able to guide the kids, it is a perfect environment for learning,. It is a shift from the traditional language learning modes.    Au pair in China is transforming the way we bring up our children; it is helping them to get the necessary exposure, become truly global citizens, people who have learnt foreign culture as well as languages.     

  • Requirements


    The host family needs to make the au pair feel at home at all times through the following: Providing separate bedroom for the au pair; this will give the au pair the privacy she needs. She will also feel safe. Make internet connection or Wifi available; this will allow her to communicate with her friends and family members; it will be a channel which she can use to communicate with the outside world. While you may want to control internet usage , you may inform her in advance or provide the facility at a charge so that you do not limit her freedom , especially when she wants to interact with her family and friends back home.   At least one member of the family must be able to speak in English or any other language of interest spoken by the au pair. This will make communication easier especially in the first days of interaction.   At all times, respect the au pair; this should be made clear to all the family members. Children need to be prepared rightfully, the family should not take in an au pair until every member of the family agrees to such an idea. We may have a situation where one of the members feel uneasy allowing a stranger in the house , this can lead to problems later as the au pair may be disrespected or harmed by such an individual. This means that all the family members should be involved in the whole process.  Treat au pair like a temporary family member; she should be treated well, this will motivate her to work hard. She should not be sidelined on the basis of being an employee. If she is comfortable she should take the same food as any member of the family, she should use the same equipment, it is advisable for the host family to show the au pair that she has been accepted in the family and also ensure that she is not treated differently.  Give kids with au pair their own separate space; children at times can be difficult, they might feel that their space is invaded when they are made to share a room with an au pair. It is advisable to give them a separate room. They should also be taught to respect the au pair privacy as well as showing respect at all times.   Respect their space and culture; privacy, respect for au pair culture is necessary for her to feel free and comfortable. If she does practice religion which is different from the host family she should be allowed; she should not be forced to join a group or a sect against her will. Her rights should be respected at all times. Her rights must not be denied on the basis of punishment. Ready to listen to the au pair; get her point of view also as opposed to a situation where you are giving orders all the time. An au pair is a professional in her own right; therefore she should not be dismissed or unheard on various issues touching on her job. Give her space to perform her duties, avoid patronising, deal with her professionally at all times especially when touching on the matters involving her job.  Ready to treat the au pair humanely and fairly; there should be no mistreatment from any member of the family. It would be criminal to mistreat or harm the au pair, she is protected by the laws and an action will be taken to any family which physically or emotionally hurts the au pair. Understand that the au pair will only live with your family for a short time. Do not involve her in your future plans; clearly understand she will only be with you for sometime. Do not get too much attached so that it will be difficult to let her go. The same applies to the children , although they need to respect her as their senior family member, they should clearly understand that she is only with them for a limited period , soon she will be gone and probably another au pair will come, therefore although it might be hard to control , they should not get too much attached to her.   

  • Matching


    It is our responsibility to match a family with an au pair of choice, we provide you a list of potential candidates and it is up to you to decide whom to call.  All the family needs to do is get the details from our consulting manager, these details have a full profile providing the host family with all the information they may need to make the decision.Complete family application form, through filling all the necessary details, this will help us to know which candidates to send your way.We will recommend an au pair from the list of the interviewees in our data bank.   We will give the necessary details to allow the prospective host family communicate with the au pair candidate. This can be done at your own convenience, also note that the au pair may or may not respond, therefore it is recommended to consult more than one.   The host family has an option of calling through skype or wechat or even through email. When initiating the first contact, always send an email, and ask the candidate the best means you can use to conduct the interview.  Once you conduct the interview make a decision, if you feel that the chosen au pair is the best for you, make arrangement for them to come to China. The travel arrangement are made by the au pair himself/herself.    The family needs to prepare for the au pair arrival, all the members especially the kids, need to be prepared well in advance. All the necessary information need to be passed to the members, this allows smooth transition both for the family as well as the au pair. A situation where the parties are overwhelmed by the culture shock can be devastating, this could mean a bad start and it can affect the whole family.    Get the room where the au pair will be staying ready, as stated before the room should be clean, have privacy and also basic equipments that the au pair will need in the course of their stay (such as stable wi-fi). Start experiencing the real au pair family life, it is necessary to get some information about the au pair culture. Learn some basics to allow you to cope easily. This should also be done to the kids, prepare them for the coming au pair. Au pair in China will give your family a perfect opportunity to experience a new culture, allow the kids to be brought up in a diverse environment. This will help them in appreciating the diversity of the universe, respect other people and also learn a new language.  We aim at providing our clients with the best service, we want the best for them , however at times we may not meet their expectation , we would like to hear from you. We appreciate feedback from the host families , tell us what we did right, inform us where fell short of expectations. This will allow us to serve you better, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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