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  • Adam From Nadia

    Adam From Nadia

    Nadia, 21years old, comes from PolandI want to thank you for your consideration. I would like to introduce myself that you could know me best. My name is Nadia. I am 21years old. I live in south Poland in small town Wisła. The countryside is very beautiful, specially, because of the nature and a lot of greenery. I live with my family. I have four siblings (two sisters and two brothers). I'm ambitious person. I like to know as much as it's possible to be the best with doing everything I do. I have finished my study at high school. I get to know a lot of games and plays for children. I was working with children who need special care. I lived in England almost two years and I worked with English children. I taught some of the children basic English. After that year I went back to England again and now I work at English nursery and study 'Children and Young People's Workforce'. For me it is good experience. I am very happy when I see that all the kids like me and want to spend time with me.I like talking with people from different countries about theirs live and customs. I like spending time with children and see how they study new things. I want to be au pair because I would like to know better new culture and also it would help me to get more independence. All that experiences and knowledge could help me be good with my future work. I am punctual person who can work hard if it is necessary. I am obliging and flexible. I am also sensitive person who likes people with their advantages and disadvantages. I am patient and tolerant. What I think is very important some people who don't know me good think that I am shy and first impression could be that. I like to spend time with my friends who know me the best. My favorite thing to do is cooking, I really enjoy it. I like also studying language. I think that you got to know the most important things about me and it could help you to make the decision.Shanghai Ou Bei Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(The international Aupair Shanghai Contact Center)Adreess: R1110-1111,Building 2,Oriental Blueocean International Square,No. 1728,Huangxing Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaWebsite:www.obaupair.comTel:4000363539/4007756269021-35352225/021-35352226Fax:021-35352225Tel:13681996115/18917620866Email:sunny@oubeiaupair.com

  • Adam From Poland

    Adam From Poland

    My name is Adam, I'm almost 26 years old, I come from Poland. I'm in Shanghai for 8 months, I've been also for vacation before. Due to the fact that I have alsoFrench nationality and French is my second mother tongue. Moreover, I speakfluent English and I know the basics of the Chinese language. Although I knowShanghai, I wish to discover  China and the local culture, that's why Iwould like to be in contact with a Chinese family.I have many interests, as I said, like history, about which I can talk for many hours, traveling and tourism - I would like to know more about the cultures andtraditions of individual countries.I am also a man who has a positive attitude, sociable, honest, sincere, patient and helpful.Inaddition, my dream is to start a new family so childcare would be a good experience for me.Shanghai Ou Bei Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(International Aupair Shanghai Contact Center)Adddress:R1110-1111,Building 2,Oriental Blueocean International Square,No. 1728,Huangxing Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, ChinaWebsite:www.obaupair.comTel:4000363539/4007756269021-35352225/021-35352226Fax:021-35352225Tel:13681996115/18917620866Email:sunny@oubeiaupair.com

  • Isabel From Bolivia

    Isabel From Bolivia

     Hello,dear family  I want to thank you for your time and also say it would be amazing to be part of your family, help you and learn about their culture and language that interest me a lot and at the same time that I would be useful to expand my knowledge, if you accept I will do my best to take care of his / her child / children and I will put all my effort and I will be responsible with all tasks assigned to me, I hope to meet you soon. I wish you have a nice day.I'll be waiting for your answer, I say goodbye.Isabel Alejandra Loza Loza.

  • Laura from England

    Laura from England

    Dear family,  Nice to meet you! I’m Laura, an 18 year old student from England. I want to become an Au Pair to immerse myself in a new culture and improve my language abilities. I have been studying Chinese for years, but I find myself unable to progress due to my lack of first-hand experience and confidence while speaking. I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, but I feel that if I may become unsure how to spend my time whilst visiting as I would like to visit for a longer than I usually spend in other countries, due to the distance, which is why I want to do Au Pair.  I love spending time with children, because it is rewarding to see them progress and grow.   I don't mind any visiting date from July until September, but I must return to England at the end of September/beginning of October, this is non-negotiable.  I’m a creative person who loves challenges, which is why I want to be an Au Pair. In October, I will start my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, which includes a year studying abroad. Currently, I am studying Computing, Law, and Health and Social Care at Birkenhead Sixth Form College at advanced level, which I will graduate from this year. One of my hobbies is developing games, and I have made 4 games to date, two of which have been released on the google play store and windows store. I am currently working on two additional game development projects at the moment. Another of my hobbies is learning Mandarin. I have been learning for 7 years now, and entered various competitions within England, representing my high school, but would like to improve further by visiting China and first hand practising. I have also worked as an English tutor for foreign students studying in the UK. I would teach them new vocabulary, phrases and grammar, and practice with them through conversation, also including some cultural teaching, so if you want me to help you or your children learn English, I don’t mind helping.Best regardLaura  

  • Bethany Thomson from Scottish

    Bethany Thomson from Scottish

     Dear family, Hello!My name is Bethany Thomson and I am looking for a host family in China. I am 17 years old and I am taking a gap year before going to University to study International Business and Spanish. I am very passionate about languages and would love to learn some new ones as well as learning about and experiencing a new culture. I have a younger sister who I love to look after and play with. I am very friendly and love to play, sing, dance, bake, swim and have fun! I am looking for a nice welcoming family to show me round the sights of China and introduce me to new experiences. I hope that you consider me as I would love to take on this opportunity as I love meeting new people and trying something new. Best regardBethany Thomson 

  • Chole From France

    Chole From France

    Hello:    My name is Chloé I am a 20 years old girl. I'm a nice, helpful, friendly, open minded person. I respect other traditions and cultures. I'm never late and you can always count on me.    The reason why I want to come to China is my interest in different lifestyles. Furthermore I think the best way to learn a language is living in a country where to speak it. So living together with another family in another country would combine both things. I love kids and really like spending time with them. I know a lot of funny games and I would spend a lot of time outside with the kids.  We would paint, play games, do activities, read books, laugh, and make some nice trips together. I will dry their tears and comfort them if they're sad or ill.If the kids already attend school I will support them with learning an their homework.    I hope you got a good impression of me and if you are looking for a reliable and motivated au pair to take care of your kids I would be very happy if you choose me. It would make me very happy to get the opportunity to learn a new language and be part of your family for one year/a few months. If there are any further questions left, just contact me.I am looking forward to hear from you soon. 

  • Evelyn From Colombia

    Evelyn From Colombia

    Dear Host family: I´m Evelyn from Colombia. I´m very happy because you read my letter and have interest in my profile. I´m 27 years old, and I am a lawyer in my country. I am lovely, responsible and trustable. I learn very fast and I love to know other culture. I want to be an Aupair because I love to travel, play with the children and know other countries and cultures which makes me very happy. I was an Aupair in Germany and that was a very nice experience in my life because I learned a lot about the culture and the language myself. And I meet a lot of nice people from different places of the world. I want to be in China because I find China is a very amazing country and I would like to learn the language and to get to know the people there. I think that with the children I would have a pleased and instructive time. Best regards. 

  • Sandrine From Belgian

    Sandrine From Belgian

    Hello dear family,   I’m Sandrine, 18 years. I’m a Belgian girl and I would like to learn another culture and Tradition. I speak English with my foreign friends but I don’t have a perfect accent. I will try and I believe I could speak well later. My parents are separated, I live with my mother and I see my father also.    I have a dream in my life, it’s to travel in all Asia but I think to my future. It’s better to come back home and do a formation for being a policewoman. I like the children, I like    walking in the street, play and look to your children. I’m a serious girl, I know what I can do and what I can’t do. I want to help you with all my heart and I want to live like you, in another country.       I hope that you will choose me, I’m really a good person and I want that you can see with your own eyes. You will know me with time and maybe we will be in contact later. I believe that all can be realized with courage.          If you want that I help you, I agree and I’m sure that it will be interesting.           Thank you 

  • Hadir From Tunisia

    Hadir From Tunisia

    Dear Host FamilyMy name is Hadir Ben Amor. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Tunisia.I don’t smoke and I don’t usually go out (to the discos) because I prefer other plans. I am for a healthy lifestyle.I am a very kind, patient, sweet and caring girl, am serious, audacious, punctual,self-confident and self-motivated. In my spare time, I read books or cooking cakes. I am a positive girl and I go through life with a smile and I get on with other people very well. I love children. I cannot imagine my life without children, because children - flowers of life smile emoticon I think I can make friends with your kids. I will be glad if you want that I will be the Au Pair or Nanny for your kids smile emoticon. Currently, I live with my parents and my siblings HAGER 28 years old and MARWEN24years old, and I’m the little one in my family.  I have graduated on 2015 and I obtained the "National Diploma of Applied License on Product Design" for three years, from (IS3M) "Institut Supérieure des métiers de la Mode de Monastir" I have much training about my specialty in some factories in Tunisia. As I have experiences with children, I was working in child care in my holidays. I like to communicate with them, to play together, to make fun, to raise them as my little sisters or brothers, to teach them...am able to make kids love me quickly and to feel safety when they are with me. I speak Arabic very well as it my mother tongue, I speak French as it the second spoken language in Tunisia. I also Speak English fluently (read, write and speak). I have a basic level at Spanish. I have the honor to teach your kids one of those languages if you want that.  My hobbies are discovering new cultures, knowing new peoples. New civilizations and other traditions around the world because am curious and I like to know every new things, I like also practicing sports such as (Yoga, Hill Climbing, dancing, cycling and Taekwondo) I like also traveling reading books and playing puzzle. You’re wondering why I chose to become an Au pair. Well, I do like taking care of children very much and I’m very passionate about it, all are different which makes it very exciting. I want to help them accomplish their goals and to be their bigger sister. I like to teach them the languages that I speak if they would like that of course… I like that feeling of responsibility. I’m eager to try something new and something special and I can’t wait to experience new countries. I also want to see other new cultures especially in chine, and get to know new peoples there. I’d like to live in a new family and grow as a person as well as get experience and make myself useful. I also want to improve my English skills and to study Chinese also, I like the way they speak. Also I would make new friends around the world It would be a great experience for me to share my life with your family for a whole year. I don’t mind to help you with housework like cooking and cleaning because I will be a member of the family. It will be my biggest adventure and the biggest challenge I’ve ever been on and I can’t wait for it to start. Yours Faithfully  Hadir Ben Amor 

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