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  • Matilde From Italian

    Matilde From Italian

    Dear family:I'm Matilde and I'm an Italian girl of 19 years old. I live in Ravenna that is a beautiful city in Italy.  Now I'm studying Chinese at the famous University of Bologna , I'm at the beginner of this experience but I'm very glad to study this language and culture. I hope to come to China  to find a nice family who accept me and help me to discover this amazing country.  I'd like very much children so I decided to do this experience, and I hope to become them ''Italian sister''.  I'm a positive girl with a lot of energy  so I always love doing plays and activities.  I'm sure that your children will love me and you too.  I can speak English so I can help your children to learn it and I can also teach them Italian language and culture. 

  • Irina from Russia

    Irina from Russia

    Dear Host family:您好! I'd like to start my first letter to you with introducing myself. My name is Irina. I'm 26 years old and I'm a 5th year student of Pedagogic University in Chelyabinsk. I would like to meet people, who need my help. I have work experience with physically-challenged children. Also now I work as an HR manager.I learn Chinese language. My level is Elementary now, but I really like it from my heart and I want to put this knowledge on practice. That is why I need to get knowledge about history of China, it's customs, traditions and way of life. That is why I need your help, because I think it will be the best thing to go to China to be commitment in everything about this country. Also I want to develop my personality, to experience authentic Chinese life in host family and to make lifelong friends abroad.I like an active rest: to go for a walk, to visit cinema, theatre, different exhibitions. I like to do wide range of creation.At the end I want to say that I like children very much and I'm sure they like me too. Whenever I'm with children I feel comfortable and forget about all problems. They can make me laugh. And I like and I can to help them too.I'm looking forward to meet you, my dear future family!Best regards,伊琳娜亲爱的家庭:   您好!首先我想要介绍一下自己。我叫伊琳娜。我26岁了,我在车里雅宾斯克师范大学就读5年了。我喜欢结交那些需要帮助的人。我有带残疾儿童的工作经验,我现在仍然在担任人力资源经理。我学习汉语,现在已经达到初级水平,但是我从内心喜欢汉语并想应用到实践。所以我想要得到有关中国历史的知识,我觉得它是一种传统,一种习俗和生活方式。所以我也需要您的帮助,因为我觉得能去中国并了解这个国家的一切是最美好的事情。同时我也想培养自己的性格,去感受中国家庭的真实生活,交一些国外的朋友。我喜欢积极的休息方式:比如去散步,看电影,去参观不同的展览品。我喜欢做有创造性的事情。**我想说我非常喜欢孩子,我相信他们也会喜欢我。当我和孩子在一起的时候,我会有一种舒适的感觉,会忘记所有的烦恼。他们使我大笑,我也可以帮助他们。期待见到您,我未来的家人!致敬伊琳娜

  • Kateřina From Czech

    Kateřina From Czech

    Dear future family,I would like to tell you something about me. It can be helpful to realize if I am the right au pair for you. My name is Kateřina (Katherine) but the people usually call me Káťa. I’m 23 years old. I come from a big family. My parents are divorced, but it’s OK, we are happy like that J The family consist of my mother Jana and her partner Míla. And my father and his wife Olga - they live with my youngest brother Adam (5). The most of my childhood I lived with my mother and his partner, together with my siblings. My younger sister Jane (15) and Michaela (20) and older brother Vojta (25). We spent a lot of time together - playing, going out and also learning together. The older ones took care about the younger ones, so I was a big sister. J We grew up in house in Svatava, which is a small village. And during my studies at college, I moved to bigger town Sokolov into my and my brothers flat.So while I was studying I had to find some job. I was lucky, I found two ones! It was hard, because I didn’t have much time for my own activities and the both jobs took a lot of responsibility. But I successfully finished my school of Social work with “red diploma” and I got degree DiS. (qualified specialist). After finishing I was still working in both jobs as a Social Worker. The first one focused on People with disabilities. I help them to find a job and then I assist them on workplaces. And the second one was about supporting family to be self-sufficient. I had the family with five children and when the mother needed to be out of household, I took care about those children. There were little girl Evgenia (3), twins Daniela and Nicole (8), big brother František (10) and the oldest girl Monika (12). We spent a lot of time together with learning, preparing to school, cleaning a flat and also we did some free time activities like reading books, drawing, playing outdoor games and singing. I was really sad when this job was in the end. But I decided that this is the right time to go abroad. To learn another language and to know something more about different cultures, habits and traditions. And in another site I would like to bring something new to your country to your family and we can learn from each other.I like music - listening, singing and playing it by my guitar. I also like reading books, doing sports (volleyball, swimming, basketball, aikido), learning new languages and sometimes I’m drawing. I really love traveling. I’m traveling in my hometown with my family and friends. And abroad? I have been already to: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and the last traveling experience is China. I spend there 1 month however I think it’s not enough for this beautiful country.I hope I will be the right person for your family. And I am looking forward to meet you. JWith Regards, Káťa.亲爱的未来家庭,我想告诉你一些关于我的事。这样您就知道我是否适合您的家庭。我的名字是凯特řINA(凯瑟琳)但人们通常叫我Káťa我23岁。我来自一个大家庭。我的父母离婚了,但是一切还好,我们是快乐的,家庭包括我的母亲和她的伙伴MíLa 。我的父亲和他的妻子奥尔加-他们与我的最小的弟弟亚当(5)住在一起。我童年的时候是和母亲,她的伙伴还有我的兄弟姐妹住在一起。我的妹妹简(15)和米歇尔(20)和哥哥Vojta(25)。我们在一起的时间很多,一起出去玩,一起学习。年长的人关心年轻人,所以我是个大姐姐。我们是在斯瓦塔瓦的房子里长大,这是一个小村庄。在大学期间,我搬到索科洛夫这个大城市,住在了而我和我哥哥的公寓里。所以,当我在学习时,我必须找到一些工作。我很幸运,我找到了两个!这很难,因为我没有太多的时间花在自己的活动上,这两个工作都要承担很大的责任。但我成功地完成了我的社会工作学校的“红色文凭”,我也得到了学位。(合格的专家)。完成学业后,我仍然在两个工作中担任社会工作者。第一个重点是针对残疾人。我帮助他们找到工作,然后我在工作场所协助他们。二是关于支持家庭自给自足。我要支撑有五个孩子的家庭,当母亲需要离开家庭,我要照顾这些孩子。有个小女孩Evgenia(3),双胞胎达妮埃拉和妮科尔(8),大哥哥弗兰蒂šEK(10)和**的女孩莫妮卡(12)。我们花了很多时间在一起学习,准备上学,打扫公寓,而且我们也做了一些空闲时间的活动,如读书,画画,户外游戏和唱歌。当这项工作结束时,我真的很伤心。但我决定,这正是出国的好时机,去学习另一种语言,了解不同文化、习惯和传统。在另一个领域,我想给您的国家带来新的东西,我们可以互相学习。我喜欢听音乐,唱歌,弹吉他。我也喜欢看书,做运动(排球,篮球,游泳,合气道),学习新的语言,有时我画画。我真的喜欢旅行。我和我的家人和朋友一起在我的家乡旅游。国外?我已经去了:西班牙,克罗地亚,意大利,希腊,英国,英国,**的旅游体验是中国。我在那待了1个月,但我认为这是不够的,这是个美丽的国家。我希望我是您家的合适人选。我期待着与您相见。致敬Káťa.

  • Louise From France

    Louise From France

    Dear family !  I want to know more about your family and more about Your fabulous kids  .  For my part : my mame is Louise Benghazi, i born in France more  exactly Manosque sud of France near Marseille . I live actually in Manosque, I have bachelor in Human Resources , I travel a lot I was an au pair 3 times and it  was an amazing and wonderful  that why I want to be again an au pair. I know the responsibility, and I know it's more important to know the person what he will give your child  .All times all family trust me , I have my driving license for 6 years and thanks God never accidents ! I never drink or smoke ! I love dancing, swimming, running, go to see a animation movie  :)  I m like a reel sister with rules and sometime discipline.I love teaching French and cook for kids !  Clean it's not my cup of tea but I will do the essential to live in good ambiance and clean space ! I think the chores are more correct.  I love cooking and I enjoy my time in the kitchen !  I know the times pass with kids I never count my time but it s important to be recompensed like fairly !  It's very important to speak together on skype : louisebendji ( just said me when you are available with all family ! )  I m waiting you pictures with impatient !  您好,亲爱的家庭!我想知道更多关于您的家庭和更多关于您天真的孩子。我叫路易丝班加西,我生于法国,更准确地说是在法国马赛附近的马诺斯克。我生活在马诺斯克,已经取得了人力资源专业的学士学位证,我经常旅行,做过3次互惠生,我之所以想要再做互惠生是因为我觉得这是一件神奇美妙的事情。我知道这是种责任,我也知道要了解这个人会给您的孩子带来什么更重要。所有的家庭都信任我,我的驾照已经有6年的时间了,感谢上帝我从来没有发生过意外!我从不喝酒抽烟!我爱跳舞,游泳,跑步,去看动画电影。我像一个有规则和原则的姐姐。我爱教法语和给孩子做饭!我不擅长清洁但我会做一些必要的使我们生活在良好的氛围和洁净的空间里!我认为做家务是正确的。我喜欢做饭,我喜欢在厨房里的时间!我从来都没有计算过和孩子在一起的时间,但是我觉得还是要合理的安排时间!我觉得在Skype沟通一下是非常重要的:louisebendji是我的Skype号(只要您和全家人都有空的时候,我们就可以沟通交流)我已经迫不及待地想看到您的照片!

  • Rhiannon from Germany

    Rhiannon from Germany

    Dear Host familiy,Hello, my name is Rhiannon and I am 18 years old.I am from a small town in Germany, called Nesselwang. I grew up with two elder brothers (Max and Daniel) and my Parents (Neill and Alison). I have a good relationship with my brothers and my parents.My father is a managing Director. He is a very activ person and he loves doing sports and seeing new places.My mother works at a bakery. She is a nice and friendly person, who likes to talk with other people.Max is currently in Australia for a year and Daniel is doing an apprenticeship. I am a polite, reliable enthusiastic individual who enjoys working as a part of a team but who is also very capable of working on my own. I am a positiveperson and one of my greatest strengths is my ability to communicate with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. I am a highly organised and target orientated person. I have a personable appearance and I enjoy remaining fit. I have already gained experience in caring for others and in the tourism industry. My role has always been people related with daily contact to other people. My work experience to date has allowed me to further develop my inter-personal and social skills to a level where I can now confidently deal with those entrusted to me and their environment.I particularly enjoy taking responsibility for children. As an elder cousin and ski teacher I have experienced the satisfaction of helping children to develop their inherent skills and watching them mature. I startet working in a Hotel when I was 14. I worked on my weekends and in my school holidays. My areas of responsibility were barwork, service and maid service.In 2012 I started working in an ice parlour. Here I improved my skills at barwork and  service for two summers.In November 2012 I started working as a ski and snowboard teacher. It was great fun, as I could combine sports with teaching children.I graduatet from the Johann-Jakob-Herkomer-Realschule (Highschool) in 2007, leaving with a High school certificate.After finishing school I startet working in a rehabilitation centre. I worked one year with people who had car accidents, amputations,...After one year one that staion, I was one of the very few young people, who was allowed to go on the extreme ward station.When I finished working at the rehabilitation centre I decided to go abroad. So in march 2015 I went to Portugal. I worked 6 months at a Restaurant.Now I would like to go further. And china sounds like a great opportunity for me.I would like to go to china because I think it is very different to europe. And I would like to experience a different way of living and working.I think it has a beautiful countryside with nice and friendly people.And I would like to combine that with a wonderful and interesting job: taking care of your children.I think it is not always easy to take care of children but it is a great experience to share time with them. I have much patience because I trained these skills during my ski and snowboard teaching and during other babysitting jobs. I have the strength to set limits if necessary and I am consequent. I hope that I am the right person to take care of your children and I am looking forward to feedback. Kind regards,  Rhiannon Hogarth 亲爱的家庭,您好,我的名字是Rhiannon,我18岁了。我来自德国的一个小镇,叫内瑟尔旺。我和我的父母(Neill and Alison)还有两个哥哥(Max and Daniel)一起长大。我们的家庭很和谐。我的父亲是一位董事总经理。他是一个很活跃的人,他喜欢做运动和欣赏新的地方。我妈妈在一家面包店工作。她是一个很友好的人,她喜欢和其他人聊天。Max目前在澳大利亚待了一年,Daniel正在做一个学徒。我是一个有礼貌、有热情的人,我喜欢作为团队的一员来共同工作,但是我也能独立完成自己的工作。我是一个积极的人和我**的优点之一就是我和所有年龄段和不同背景的人进行交流的能力。我是一个具有高度组织能力和目标导向的人。我有一个漂亮的外观,并且喜欢保持健康。我已经在照顾别人和从事旅游业的经验中积累了经验。我的角色一直是与其他人进行日常联系。到目前为止我的工作经验使我能够进一步发展个人和社会技能,我现在可以放心地处理那些委托给我的工作和适应他们的环境。我特别喜欢对孩子们负责。作为一个年长的表姐和滑雪老师,我已经体验了帮助孩子发展他们内在的技能和观看他们成熟的满足感。我开始在饭店工作的时候是14岁。我在周末和学校假期时工作。我的职责是服务和清洁。2012我开始在冰室工作。在这里,通过两个夏天,我提高了自己的技能和服务。2012年11月,我开始工作,是一名滑雪老师。这很有趣,因为我可以把运动和教学结合在一起。2007时我毕业于国家实验中学,并获得了高中毕业证书。毕业后我在康复中心工作。我工作了一年,照顾那里的病人,他们因交通事故受伤,截肢,…一年后,我被调去一个极端的病房站工作,我是在极少数年轻人中被选中的一个。当我完成在康复中心的工作,我决定出国。因此2015年3月份我去了葡萄牙。我在一家餐馆工作了6个月。现在我想去一个更远的地方,中国是一个不错的选择。 我想去中国。因为我觉得它跟欧洲很不一样,我想体验一种不同的生活方式和工作方式。我认为它有美丽的乡村和友好的人。我想把这个工作和一个非常有趣的工作结合起来:照顾你的孩子。我认为照顾孩子并不总是很容易,但这是一个伟大的经验,与他们分享时间。我很有耐心因为我在做保姆工作期间和滑雪板滑雪教学有积累了很多经验。我希望我是一个合适的人照顾你的孩子,我期待着您的邀请。亲切的问候,Rhiannon Hogarth

  • Au Pair Candidate2-American Carli Smith

    Au Pair Candidate2-American Carli Smith

    A Letter from an American Au PairDear Family,  Hi! My name is Carli. I am from a small town in Georgia in the United States. I am a student in college studying pre-nursing. I am a people pleaser, and i love children! I have two sisters-one younger one older- that I love dearly. Two of my biggest passions is traveling and making people happy. I have decided to take a break from school, and experience life some where else besides Georgia although i will always call it home. I enjoy art in all forms and i am into classical music. My very favorite musician is Lana Del Rey. I enjoy the simple things in life, but i never give up on striving for the best. I am a small town person with big dreams, and i love the city atmosphere! I hope that I have described myself in a simple but sweet manner. Carli

  • Mariola from Poland

    Mariola from Poland

    A letter from a Polish Au PairMy name is Mariola. I’m 24 and I’ve just graduated in tourism and recreation at my university in Warsaw. My big love are children and they are constantly present in my life making it colorful and happy. For as long as I can remember I’ve been helping my parents to run a home orphanage. In our home there are different children that require lots of empathy and tolerance as well as patience and understanding. My another contact with children is by teaching them English. For four years I have been given private classes to children of school-age. I also work as a camp counsellor at the football camps with children of different age. Besides working with children I also love traveling and meeting new people and cultures. That is why I would like to take care of Your children linking these two passions. I am very open and agreeable person so I am sure we can become friends and enjoy spending our time together.

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